Patient Capital Investing

Small, ambitious businesses are increasingly looking to Angel investors to support their early growth – often gaining a valuable mentor alongside funding. When it works well, the relationship can bring both profit and wider benefits. When it fails, it can be an easy way to lose a lot of money.

This masterclass looks at the advantages and drawbacks of this type of investment. We will start with Daniel Harvey sharing his experience at The Pension Counter and taking a close-up view of the challenges and triumphs associated with starting a FinTech business. Dr Clive Edmonds, founder of innovation specialists Scienta Group will then discuss Innovation in a Post-Brexit World. The session will finish with Saffron Myhill-Hunt of the Low Carbon Innovation Fund who will give an insight into her experience as an early-stage investor.

The Speakers

Daniel Harvey graduated from the UEA with a starred First in Economics and joined Chadwicks four years ago where he is responsible for Special Projects.

Dr Clive Edmonds started his career in the brewing and wine industry and quickly decided that he preferred drinking to making it! He then embarked on a PhD in Molecular Genetics with the output of which allowed the generation of hydrogen for fuel cells using bacteria. In addition he has gained qualifications in Innovation Management, Project Management and Psychology.

He was Head of Consumer Products for the international consulting company PA Consulting, a position he held for 8 years.

In 2003 he founded the Scienta Group, a global networked company of 80 associated specialists dedicated to delivering innovation in a number of industry sectors.

Scienta has worked with many small, medium and very large organisations over the last 15 years to develop innovative approaches to their businesses. Examples include: the ‘beer widget’ used in canned products, a novel approach to managing futures at the London Institute of Financial Futures Exchange and working with a regional accounting company to develop innovative new ways to develop their business model and drive growth and profit.

He currently is directing a global innovation programme with one of the largest consumer goods corporations.

Date: 14 November 2018

Time(s): 08:15 til 10:15

12:15 til 14:15

Where: The Enterprise Centre, University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, Norwich NR4 7TJ

The Masterclass will last 2 hours with questions.

Refreshments will be available. There is no charge for the Masterclass but you may like to consider a donation of £20 to Ormiston Families' MPower project that supports parents who have a child taken into care.

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What people have to say about previous events....

Beginning to plan seriously for retirement and being a relative newbie in Norwich, it was refreshing to be introduced to a firm that places great emphasis on technical analysis and thoughtful planning. Too often, in my experience, IFAs are more concerned with style over substance but Chadwicks, through their Masterclass sessions offer real insight into investment management and retirement planning. Whether as a professional adviser or, like myself, someone looking for genuine insight into the changing times of today, I would recommend the sessions wholeheartedly.

Andrew Thorpe | Finance and Operations Director | Jarrold Norwich

I have been a regular attendee at Chadwick’s business seminars for several years and without fail I have found the sessions to be useful and practical on the one hand whilst thought provoking and inspiring on the other. Many advisers can put on topical seminars, few can make you feel that you want to go on to study the subject yourself!

Dawn Parkes | Managing Partner | Hatch Brenner