The Chadwicks team

I’m immensely proud of the Chadwicks team. Their enthusiasm for doing the best for our clients and their commitment to continued learning are what makes us different.

Richard Ross


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Radostina Dencheva

Chartered FCSI, Investment Analyst

I’m Radi, an investment analyst at Chadwicks where I seek out investment opportunities for you.

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Daniel Harvey

Chartered Wealth Manager

I am interested in the impact of culture on company success and how financial education can influence well-being.

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James Bacon

Chartered MCSI Investment Analyst

We live in a World of rapid change, I am committed to embracing this change and ensuring that the portfolios we design are fit for the future

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Harry Dodds

Wealth Manager

You have worked hard for your money, it’s my job to make your money work hard for you

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Merve Oral

Wealth Manager

The most appealing attribute of Wealth Management is ultimately the skill set that is required in order to excel: a profound understanding of the uncertainty of financial markets as much as the unpredictable nature of human behaviour.

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James Ross

Operations Manager

I am responsible for improving our back office functions so we can give a first class service to our clients.

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Vanessa Forster

Client Account Manager

I’m Vanessa, a client account manager at Chadwicks, where I make your finances one less thing to worry about

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Joseph Carr

Graduate Trainee Wealth Manager

I’m Joe and one of the things I’m most enthusiastic about is the role of Behavioural Economics in Financial Markets.

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Abel Cater

Graduate Trainee Wealth Manager

I am interested in the changing environment of finance with specific emphasis on the formidable rise of behavioural economics.

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Tom Thornhill

Brand Manager

I am interested in Brand Management and how the processes of how relationships can build stronger connections between customers and businesses.

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James Watson PhD

External Investment Committee Member

I am interested in the limits to conventional monetary policy

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Upcoming Masterclasses...

Behavioural Insights & Financial Wellbeing

5 December 2018

Too often measures to improve financial wellbeing are focused solely on the over-indebted and go little beyond restructuring their debt. This approach addresses the immediate problem but does nothing to change the underlying spending behaviours. In this session we propose an alternative tripartite approach that uses insights from behavioural economics to improve wellbeing by reducing financial anxiety.

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