Radostina Dencheva

Chartered FCSI, Investment Analyst


Closet futurist Radi gets very excited about all things nerdy that come with portfolio construction, management and financial markets. As an inquisitive millennial (sometimes to no avail) she enjoys digging deeper in economic and investment theory and challenging established models which fits well with our research-driven philosophy. This particular introvert also very much enjoys helping our clients with their investment decisions and day-to-day management, and tries to make the investment world a touch less difficult to grasp.

After successfully completing a degree in Finance, Radi worked for an international accountancy firm for three years before coming to the UEA where she achieved a distinction in her Masters in International Business, Finance and Economics. After joining us she completed the Chartered Wealth Management Masters qualification (ending on a high note – with merit) and is one step away from becoming a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments.

Radi currently works on an ever-expanding ongoing research project which focuses on long-term structural drivers of change, aka megatrends, and particularly enjoys drilling into the subjects of millennials, technology and the environment.

Outside work Radi is a music aficionado, reading junkie, keen UI/UX design self-learner and a travel enthusiast, who enjoys spending time at home with her family.


BSc (Hons) Finance and Credit (UE Varna)

MA (Distinction) International Business, Finance and Economics (UEA)

Masters in Wealth Management (CISI/BPP)

Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment